Lily, a struggling NYC stand-up comic, falls for Spike, a childhood acquaintance turned dapper Physicist. Spike seduces her, spawning a whirlwind of insanity in which Lily aids in his obsessive pursuit to deliver the world the ultimate breakthrough in science:

Human Teleportation.

Lily - Brianne Berkson

A hopeless stand-up comic, lily’s entire life is turned on its head when spike, a nerd from her past turned charismatic physicist, enlists her to work on his teleportation machine.



Spike - Andy Bean

A dapper genius-physicist, A loner, A mad-scientist. Spike’s building a teleportation device.



Kate - Jackie Stewart

The mysterious woman who changes everything.

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Adam Mucci.jpg

Paul - Adam Mucci

A gentle giant who inspires the entire Teleportation incantation.



Marcia - Kara Jackson

Lily’s poised, perfect best friend since childhood - and temporary roomie. Lily’s crashing on the couch.

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Josephine Bodder - Tamara Tunie

Josephine’s a stunning woman of high esteem. She attends weekly courses at the Sat Kuar online spiritual program and is always on trend with the latest out-of-this-world experience.

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Roger Bodder - Steve Hytner

A Wealthy upper class new age New Yorker and financial backer of Spike’s teleportation work.



Tom - Jay Seals

The cunning accomplice of Spike’s…and Lily’s.



Harrison - Adam Scarimbolo

One of Lily’s closest (and only) friends from stand-up comedy.



Steve - Tyler Evans

Marcia’s Husband, Lily’s number one hater.

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